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Re-awakening the Sacred Self : 1-5 May 2023

I am excited to be included in the Reawakening the Sacred Self event in early May. Frances Billinghurst and I discussed Polytheism - a topic that is very important to me. I hope that my contribution will inspire some participants to explore the topic in more depth - as there is so much to learn and discover!

For more information on how to join in the 25 presentations from around the world - for free -click here.



My name is Sorita d'Este

and this is my website and blog!  Thanks for visiting - I hope you are finding what you are looking for!


Many years ago I dedicated myself to the pursuit of both esoteric knowledge, and an understanding of polytheism, the Gods and Nature.  I have been a full-time writer, author and publisher, specialising subjects linked to the occult, witchcraft, Paganism, mythology, ancient religions and magic - and all kinds of things in between since 2003. 


I live on a hill in Glastonbury, overlooking the marshes of Somerset,  a place of myth and legend, and a crossroad for many different religions. Here I am frequently found digging and growing, serving my fluffy rescue cat and navigating the unknown with my teenage son.  

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