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Moon Stages
Moon Stages


Our lives is the sum of the things we do - visible and invisible.  Here are some of the visible things I am involved with! 




I live and work in Glastonbury - or the Ancient Isle of Avalon as it is also known to some.  This page is dedicated to some of the public work I am involved with here.  Including The Sanctuary of Hekate Soteira, Arcarnum Arcana (Tarot group), The Library of Avalon and the Pomona Project. My Work in Glastonbury. 


Avalonia (Publishing)

I am the founder and Director of Avalonia, an independent publisher of books on spirituality, magic, mythology and the occult. Avalonia was born out of community projects I started online in the late 90's and transformed into a publishing company in 2005.  

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Theurgia Ltd

I am the founder of Theurgia Ltd, which started as the vessel for the Hekate Symposium (Glastonbury 2012).  During the pandemic I developed it to become a space through which myself and others can facilitate study groups, classes and online symposiums, including hte Torchlit Path which I developed and present with Emily Carding. 


Enchanted Minds

My son was born in late 2007 and it soon became apparent that something was different, he was diagnosed with non-verbal Autistic Spectrum Disorder as a toddler and attends a school for differently able children.  Regardless, the two of us have adventured through this thing together and this project (part of my work with Theurgia Ltd) will be looking at ways to create resources for those of us in the esoteric and spiritual realms who are also neurodivergent and sometimes struggle to make sense of things. 

Playing with Mirrors
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