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Ch.10 Drawing Down the Moon (WMB 10.g)

Extract from: Wicca: Magical Beginnings written by d’Este & Rankine, 2008 (Avalonia.) PB / Kindle @


The position assumed by the High Priestess, often described in contemporary works as the ’Osiris position’, is in fact not much like the position seen in depictions of the Egyptian god Osiris at all. In drawing down the arms are crossed, holding the wand and scourge at a diagonal. In the depictions of Osiris he holds his crook and flail in his hands in front of his body without them being crossed, i.e. left hand in front of left side of ribs and right hand in front of right side of ribs. He holds the crook and flail vertically upwards. Also the crook and flail are agricultural tools, symbolising the livestock (crook) and grain (flail), and are definitely not a wand and scourge!

It is also interesting to note that in Gerald Gardner’s writings he referred to this position as the ’Skull and Crossbones’, not the Osiris Position. His explanation in the context of Wiccan ceremonies, in particular that of initiation makes a great deal more sense. He begins by saying that he has never seen skulls and other ‘repulsive objects‘ used in ceremonies, but that he was told that in the old days a skull and crossbones would sometimes be used to represent the god if the High Priest of a coven could not be present at a ceremony. He then goes on to explain that the High Priestess assumed the position of the skull and crossbones for ceremonies, thus symbolising death and proceeded to move into the pentagram position, representing resurrection.

The primary goddess being invoked in the Hail Aradia invocation is as the wording suggests Aradia, the name given to the daughter of the goddess Diana in Leland’s Aradia. According to Gospel of the Witches Aradia is born from Diana and Lucifer and then sent to the Earth to teach witchcraft to mankind so that they would be able to free themselves from their oppressors.

Extract from: Wicca: Magical Beginnings written by d’Este & Rankine, 2008 (Avalonia.) PB / Kindle @ Shared here with the intention to inspire and inform the now and future generations interested in Wicca and other Pagan traditions inspired by it.



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