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The Arcana Arcanum

1/ A Word meaning mysterious or secrets
2/ Referring to either the Trump Cards (22) or Suit Cards (52) in the Tarot.


The Arcana Arcanum will be gathering in a private home in Glastonbury from January 2023 on a weekday evening, once a mon Membership is by invitation and spaces are limited- if you are interested in joining please do contact Sorita d'Este for more info.  


Meetings will centre on the Tarot, with all members encouraged to contribute their thoughts - based on symbolism, intuition and experience.  We will cycle through the Trump cards (by luck of the draw on the night) during the first part of each meeting, followed by the tea & tarot part of the evening when members will be encouraged to participate in group readings or reading exchanges for each other.  Members are all encouraged to actively participate, regardless of levels of experience (or lack thereof)  - Tarot, like all systems of divination, is an experiential art! 


Arcana Arcanum is best suited to those who have a genuine interest in all aspects of the Tarot and who is looking to meet and spend time with others who do, while deepening their understanding and experiential knowledge in the process.  A general interest in all things esoteric, occult and an open minded approach other spiritual and religious traditions would be a bonus.  

There is no charge for membership or participation, but members will be asked to bring food / drinks to share - as well as their knowledge and insights through active participation.  Arcana Arcanum is not a teaching circle, so if you are a complete beginner you might have to invest some time in learning more about the Tarot in your own time too - but you will without a doubt learn through experiential participation! 

Private venue: Glastonbury, Somerset, England, UK. 

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