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Ch.8 The Magick Circle (WMB 8.c)

Extract from: Wicca: Magical Beginnings written by d’Este & Rankine, 2008 (Avalonia.) PB / Kindle @


(The Magick Circle as portrayed in Gardner’s novel High Magic’s Aid)

(The Magick Circle as given in the Mathers’ Key of Solomon)

If we now turn our attention to the triangle on the diagram in High Magic’s Aid, this was taken not from the Key of Solomon but from the Goetia. The original source was Sloane MS 2731, which is reproduced in Crowley’s Goetia. The copyist has again made an error, this time in only partially copying the name of the archangel Michael in the inner corners of the triangle. This reads Mi-CH-L, and should read Mi-Cha-El. We may also note that the triangle is not shown next to the circle in any of the grimoires, and should be further away (two foot away). By its position the implication is that this triangle was used for an operation to summon one of the Wandering Princes, either Icosiel or Soleviel, both of whom are described as good spirits.

The final addition to the High Magic’s Aid magick circle, not seen in any images of a magick circle from grimoires like the Key of Solomon or Goetia, is a central altar. The altar is important to Wiccan practice, being the working table used during ceremonies. Grimoires such as the Key of Solomon and Goetia did not make use of an altar, as all the tools were carried by acolytes or placed on the floor. However if we look at the Book of Abramelin, which was contemporary to these grimoires, we see the use of an altar in which the tools are stored:

“The altar, which should be made of wood, ought to be hollow within after the manner of a cupboard, wherein you shall keep all the necessary things, such as the two robes, the crown or mitre, the wand, the holy oils, the girdle or belt, the perfume; and any other things which may be necessary.”

Extract from: Wicca: Magical Beginnings written by d’Este & Rankine, 2008 (Avalonia.) PB / Kindle @ Shared here with the intention to inspire and inform the now and future generations interested in Wicca and other Pagan traditions inspired by it.



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